"The outcome could not have been better which demonstrates your knowledge, professionalism and commitment. You were able to recognize assets within our community that, quite frankly, I did not see or associate with the mission.
The outcome is understandable, believable and doable. As a result, the City of
Marquette - Arts and Culture has direction and quite a brighter future."

Karl Zueger, City of Marquette, MI

Who We Are
We are an organization dedicated to supporting, fostering and inspiring individual and community creativity. We believe passionately in the power of collective creativity to enrich our lives, transform our relationships, and ensure that our economic productivity is of the highest innnovative integrity.

We specialize in helping to build creative communities – from the personal to the community to the corporate, we provide assessment tools and strategic planning in order to develop your collective creative capacity. For only if we maximize our creative capacities will be able to optimize our innovation possibilities.

With more than 25 years of broad-based creative community leadership, Christine Harris Connections has the breadth and depth of experience to add authentic value to the growth of your organization. Providing transformational shifts in community value is one of her particular strengths.